When the runway becomes a skate park: the Steve Aoki x DIM MAK presentation at NYFWM.


Let me set the scene a little... here I am rolling up to my first NYFWM FW17 show (the Steve Aoki x DIM MAK collab) on a Tuesday morning with fucking snow hitting my face, half awake, needing coffee like whoa, but skipping it cause I'm too excited to get things started, and in I walk to see skateboarders flying around and a loud as hell band jamming out. Nope. Don't need that coffee anymore. I'm fully awake now. Outside of the fact that I couldn't really see the collection on the boys skating back and forth, it was pretty fucking badass. And little did I know, it was also kind of setting the tone for the rest of the week. The things is: NYFWM is evolving. Men's week in New York is only four seasons in, and I think we're starting to hit our stride. Designers are experimenting with presentations and model castings and vibes and did I mention? Raf Simons showed in New York this year. It's getting cooler. It's getting better. And most importantly of all: it's getting way more fun. And after seeing the collection images, I gotta say I'm a big fan. It's varied yet cohesive, and truly wearable (even if you can't skate).