When a t-shirt goes viral.

Truth be told I've never had the flu. I know you're going to tell me to knock on wood or some shit, but come on. If I get the flu I'm not going to tell a doctor he must be mistaken because I definitely knocked on a few wooden objects and I also avoided the cracks in the sidewalk and only let my hair air dry in the summer. Let's stay with some fucking logic here, people. That said, not all things that go viral are bad. If Miss Piggy singing Bitch Better Have My Money is wrong, then I don't want to be right. (Fuck. I just spent 45 minutes watching viral videos trying to find one to reference. Not because it was hard, but because I kept getting IN-FUCKING-FECTED. That's how viral videos work, right?) Another plague I'm down with and the reason I'm pretending to know anything about viruses (I'm really heading down the rabbit hole with this post title here) is the reemergence of the Adidas trefoil tee. It's everywhere. And I'm high-key into it. If glitter is the herpes of crafts, this tee is the glitter of viral oh fuck it I can't with these references anymore.

Found on Pinterest.

I have no idea why this t-shirt got so huge but I'll play trend analyst and take a few guesses. In case you haven't noticed, sportswear brands are huge (cue another Nike vs. Adidas back alley cat fight any minute now). As is the current mood of everything black and white, so I guess it really isn't much of a surprise that this t-shirt is just it. Take a quick scroll of Instagram, Pinterest, and loads of style sites. You'll find it. That's why it's a safe bet for looking on trend without looking on trend. It's a $28 way of summing up two of the biggest trends in menswear right now without looking like you're aware of that at all. Damn. Am I getting all deep about a t-shirt right now? Oh god. I'VE GOT THE TREFOIL VIRUS! Now, do I get it in black or white? (Free shipping on orders over $49 says probs to both tbh.)