What it feels like a year after launching CTC.

Wow. I know it's a bit cliché to say that time flies, but holy hell it does. It's officially the one-year anniversary of COOLER THAN CAKE. Kind of crazy to say, but I guess I should be pretty excited, pretty proud, and pretty amped for what happens next. I went to fashion shows representing my company. I made partnerships with incredible brands. I've photographed and produced dope editorials. I continue to work with more and more insanely talented people in the New York area. All of that, and I still feel like I've only nicked the iceberg for what's possible for this blog, this company, and this brand.

If I could give advice on starting your own company? Even after a year I feel like I'm still figuring it out, but a few things I will say: send the fucking email. Honestly. Whatever it is you want. Whomever it is you want to speak to. Just send the email. Worst case they don't respond. Best case you're at all four days of fashion week (testament). Secondly, don't give up. Keep doing you. Just KEEP DOING YOU. Have you seen that meme with the dog in the kitchen that's on fire? You are the dog. The fire is everything in your life telling you that you're stupid for following your dreams. Be the dog. Don't give a shit and keep pressing on. See the reality is, in every shitty moment you have two choices: give up or keep going. The people that actually make it? I think you know what they chose. Also, protect yourself and your brand. Be picky with your time and energy. It's better to have a strong identity than be everywhere all the time with no real goal. Stay real. Stay focused. And after that, be open to how it all works out.

I think what I've really learned after pretending to know what I'm doing here (when do I know that I've made it?) is that it's really all about the collaboration. That's really what COOLER THAN CAKE is built upon: a platform of sick men's fashion, art, and culture that includes the rebels, designers, artists, photographers, skate kids, creatives, musicians, models, style gods, and more. CTC is a culture, and I'm so glad I live in such a vibrant city surrounded by so many vibrant cultures with incredible people that continue to inspire my work and what I do on a daily basis.

That being said, a few upcoming things coming soon: a new "Fresh Faces" series showcasing new and upcoming models that I'm currently editing. Look out for that this month. Also, I've just signed on to be the Fashion Editor of The Burgundy, a dope menswear culture and style publication based in New York. I hope to do more cross-promotion with them, so stay tuned for that. Coming up as well is a networking event series surrounding menswear industry peeps. More on that soon, I hope.

So where will CTC be in a year? I have no idea, but I'm down for the ride and I hope you are too. Thanks for your support.

All the cake,

Todd A.

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