#WeekendVibes and the desert pink edit.

Found on Tumblr.

It's been a minute since we've updated our shop edit, and I promise it's not just because I've been distracted by Rihanna and Kanye drops all week (although I'm not mad about that). Our new shop edit is all about, you guessed it: pink. I know, I know. I've been drinking too much of the Strawberry Nesquik or something cause I won't shut the fuck up about pink, but come on, let me milk it (did you see what I did there?) for all its worth, okay? Besides, I already told you how shocked I am to even be talking about pink and at least this time I tried to make it sound cooler by putting the word 'desert' in front of it. Just wait till you see the shop picks. Then you'll be asking me to pass the Nesquik and telling me you're 'tickled pink'. Mic drop cause I'm out.




what we're listening to (#m0t1v4t10n).