#WeekendVibes and our 15 menswear resolutions for 2016.

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Well here we are. In 2016. Hungover af. Assuming that I didn't die from champagne poisoning (that's a thing, right?), I'd like to think that every new year is another opportunity to keep from embarrassing myself by trying to not fuck up my style game. We learned a lot in 2015. Mostly about how sportswear, oversized shit, and layering are our new bffs for life (or at least life right now). But it's now time to come up with a few resolutions for the new year and make sure the style gods aren't trying us. Play the jams below and read the list while dancing from your bed cause I know your ass is still drunk from last night. Don't play.


15 menswear resolutions for 2016 (in no particular order).


1. Enter into contests that aren't Yeezy 350 Boost giveaways.

2. Wear white without spilling something on it within the first hour.

3. Check the weather before rocking suede chelsea boots out ON THE TOWN.

4. Know when a long-line tee is too long and you're basically wearing a dress.

5. Realize that hype brands are sometimes just that: hype.

6. Admit that sometimes you can own too many items made of mesh.

7. Know that not all trends are made for you (cue the overalls invasion).

8. Unfriend anyone who doesn't own at least one bomber jacket.

9. Embrace the return of the turtleneck no matter how wrong it feels.

10. Invite pink into your wardrobe even though you swore you wouldn't.

11. Always remember that when in doubt, black and black are your homies.

12. Start treating your friends the way you treat your sneaker collection.

13. Purge half your jogger fits cause you may have gone a little bit overboard.

14. Live by 'five seen is a trend, five seen on the same block and it's over'.

15. Follow COOLER THAN CAKE on Instagram & Facebook (shameless plug but IDGAF).


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