The Sandro SS17 Lookbook is 70s nautical sport cool.

Sandro Paris SS17 Lookbook

I bought a velvet 70s mustard bomber jacket today. Why am I telling you this? Because I really thought I wasn't going to jump on this 70s trend, but then I'm standing in line with a crushed fucking velvet jacket and questioning everything I know about myself. What I'm saying is that it's the full-blown 70s I'm having a problem with, but if you take some 70s, mix it with some sportswear, and maybe even throw in a nautical vibe like this Sandro SS17 Lookbook below, then I think I just might be smelling what you're stepping in. Let's face it, 90s is starting to get a tad played out, and I'm ready to evolve, even if that means it's via the the one jacket silhouette that just won't fucking quit (the bomber, obviously) or track pants in a wide leg with a stripe down the side. I'm in. Give me 70s from a sportswear angle and it suddenly reeks of cool. Just don't expect me in matching velvet pants (I hope).