The most obvious post that's ever been written about fall fashion.

All Saints Lookbook Archive

Damn. Fall came in like the Kool-Aid man. The minute it turned October, the weather in New York went, in a word, shitty. And suddenly I found myself in full blown fall wardrobe mode not knowing what the fuck my vibe is at all. I panicked a little. No longer were my leather shorts and mesh tees gonna cut it for monsoon season. (Do we have that in New York? I'm too lazy to check.) I needed pants. And layers. And a JACKET. So I did what any regular cool dude would do who also panics in the face of normal seasonal weather change: I put on ripped denim, a flannel, and my leather biker jacket.

And then I realized, this is the vibe. Honestly. You don't need to fucking reinvent the wheel here. You just need three things to look effortlessly cool this fall, and no they're not new or bold or wildly inventive. They're classic cool kid attire that is unfuckwitable.



Everyone should own a leather biker jacket. Period. And not fake one. A real one. Trust me, it's worth the investment and it will never ever go out of style. This one from Topman takes a cue from the Saint Laurent shows and looks killer with the silver zippers. If you don't feel swaggy enough for the biker style, any old leather jacket will do. Just get one and stop arguing with me on this.



This is where you get to have a little fun. I wouldn't go too obvious and get it in red (aka I ripped my whole look out of every style blog), but try colors like bright greens, blues, and yellows or keep it neutral like the Gitman Brothers for Opening Ceremony above. Wear it alone. Layer it with a tee. Tie it around your fucking waist I don't give a shit what you do with it I don't know you.



Don't get crazy. Find some denim with ripped knees like this washed black pair from ASOS and call it a day. There's a fine line between trendy and homeless with ripped denim so play it safe cause you'll probably fuck it up. Also like try to make sure your knees actually line up with the rips cause that's the whole idea behind it. If the knee rips are above or below your actual knees you kind of look dumb. Don't say I never did anything for you.