Louis Vuitton teams up with Supreme and it's everything you've ever wanted.

Louis Vuitton FW17.

You guys, I'm not one for hype, but when a huge, established brand like Louis Vuitton collabs with a streetwear brand like Supreme... well, this is exactly why menswear is so fucking cool right now. I've been a big fan of LV for a while. Even if it's not your style, every collection is absolutely impeccable in cohesiveness, idea, and styling. The pieces just exude approachable luxury, and maybe that's why this Supreme mash up makes so much sense. Whether the streetwear brand meant to or not, Supreme has become luxury. Not because it's super high-end or expensive, but in how it's sought after and worn with a sense of power and nobility. Let's face it: streetwear now competes with the biggest of brands when it comes to cool factor no matter how established or luxe they are. That's why this is so amazing. It continues to ask the question that designers have been asking for years now: What happens when streetwear becomes luxury? I'm so on board and have no doubt these will be the must have pieces for Fall/Winter '17.

See the full collaboration here.

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