LANDLORD's SS17 collection is a glimpse at what's next for menswear.


Four days of presentations at NYFWM was a total fucking whirlwind. The only thing that saved me was the intense air conditioning at Skylight Clarkson (where men's week is held- also take that whirlwind/air conditioning pun however you'd like). There was a moment, though, where I got a little, um, bored. New York men's week is only in its third round and we're definitely no London or Paris or Milan, but where was the real excitement? I mean I'm all about seeing the evolution of a brand, but maybe we just need to evolve a little faster. I was about to give up and put on a basic blue leisure suit when I turned the corner at Platform 3 on Thursday to see the LANDLORD SS17 collection. Loud pulsating music. Bright fluoro colors. The slickest materials. This jolted me back to life way more than that kinda watered down black coffee I had; (it was a dark golden brown at best). The collection, inspired by art from Isa Genzken and titled "Please Excuse Our Appearance", felt refreshing in a world where menswear is dominated by muted neutrals, all cotton everything, and a lot of bomber jackets. I'M OVER IT. The constant conversation I keep hearing buzzing around is color, color, color. Maybe this nod to art and 90s and athletic/workwear is just what we need. Oh and also maybe I need that pink jacket/white hoodie combo (second row, right) cause it's total fire, and I'm trying to look good and not get hit while crossing the street.