Instagram Style Q&A with @thatkevs.

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NAME: Kevin carson

AGE: 22

LOCATION: west london, uk

OCCUPATION: stylist/student

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What got you started documenting your style? 

It wasn’t intentional, but I’ve always took pride in how I look and what I wear.  It comes naturally to me, even as kid my mum always said to me that I loved dressing up. It's nice that my style has been received well. 


Who are your influences?

Kanye West, Reggie Yates and Asap Rocky. 


What item do you wear the most? 

I go through phases but right now its my black Oak and Fort trousers, I love how neat it looks and the texture. I can wear it with just about anything.


What do you think is the next big thing? 

T-shirts tucked in and loose fit jeans with ripped details on the ends.


What do you think is over-hyped? 

Yeezy season 3 clothing is so hyped, I get it and Kanye is my guy but it's on another level now.


Cake is cool, but what's cooler?




 Champion Hoodie With Script Logo $144

Champion Hoodie With Script Logo $144

 Reclaimed Vintage Relaxed Trousers $50

Reclaimed Vintage Relaxed Trousers $50

 Noose & Monkey Mac With Stretch $237

Noose & Monkey Mac With Stretch $237