FW15 Trends: Class of '94.

You know how motivational speakers or therapists or people that pretend to give a shit about other people say things like, "If you could go back in time and tell something to your younger self, what would you say?" I would go back to the 90s and tell middle school me that his look is fly and fuck the haters and you'll be thankful for those braces later in life but seriously stop coordinating the color of them to your outfits cause you're sucking the cool out of the room. I'd also tell him not to worry that no one came to his birthday party cause he's kind of a fatty and I know he wanted that whole fucking cake to himself anyway. What I'm saying here is that life is all about perspective. I'm also saying that if I was still a little chubster, the name of this site might mean something more along the lines of a diet intervention.

Varsity-inspired 90s is the shit. Yeah, grudge and goth are good too, but I feel like varsity let's you be the cool kid I never was, I mean, you never were. You can wear things meant for people in school without actually being in school. Like, yes, this is a letter jacket. What did I letter in? Being an asshole, obviously.

What it's about: Think rolling out of bed in college and throwing on whatever is on your floor. 90s layering with a decidedly unkept look. Vintage logos and patterns, oversized shapes with fabric mismatching.

Key designers: Coach, Public School.



All picks from Hypebeast's store HBX, which is pretty fucking cool. And free international shipping + 10% off with code FALL10, so make like a 90s Sir Mix-A-Lot and jump on it. (I know. I hate me for that too.) But wait. Have you seen that video?