Five men's skincare items to swear by.

Found on Pinterest.

It doesn't really matter how on point your look is if your face is a hot mess. This is demonstrated every Sunday morning when hungover New Yorkers go to brunch in last night's killer outfit while their faces look tore up from the floor up. But the grime of the city definitely demands more than just an ordinary bar of soap. With unavoidable holiday photos coming up (cue face cramp from holding a fake smile too long), what better time to upgrade your routine? These are my five fave picks for keeping your mug fresh. And I don't mean I just searched for things that looked cool. I mean I use these every day and fucking swear by them. I've already told you how killer the Kiehl's lineup is, so it's no surprise they're making a reappearance, but I'm also really digging brands like Anthony, Jack Black, and Lab Series. Yeah it's a little more costly than your Old Spice deodorant (no shame in that game, I totally use that shit), but trust me, these will last more than six months and your face (and not to mention older you) will thank you. And so will everyone you meet. Win fucking win.


1. anthony glycolic facial cleanser $26

Think of glycolic acid like your homie that's got your back when your face is being a lazy ass. Your skin is supposed to keep turning over and looking brand new but guess what? It gets lazy over time and doesn't want to ged out of bed anymore (like me). Enter glycolic acid to wipe out those old skin cells and force new fresh af ones to take over. Thanks, dude.


2. jack black beard lube shave cream $17

I have no idea why they call this "beard lube". It sounds like something hipsters put on their beards so they're nice and slippery for doing artisanal things. It's just shaving cream, but actually way better than that. It goes on super thin and almost feels like a creamy moisturizer, making it easier to see what you're shaving and helping to prevent redness and razor burn afterward. Ditch the canned stuff.


3. kiehl's oil eliminator toner spray $20

This stuff is the shit. I hate normal toners where you have to buy cotton balls and dab and all of that. If I've skipped shaving days, the cotton gets all in my beard and I know it's almost Christmas, but I'm not going for the St. Nick look. This toner takes a few spritzes to your face and you're done. Best part? Use after the gym (or after a night out) and it feels like you've just washed your face. And the smell is one of the best out there.


4. kiehl's facial fuel moisturizer $35

If you take anything away from this list, let it be this moisturizer. Simple facts here: winter will make your skin dry as hell, so you need to moisturize it. Aside from that, sun damage is a huge reason you look old and haggard so putting an SPF on your face every day, rain, snow, sleet, and shine is nonnegotiable. And this moisturizer packs caffeine which does exactly what you think: wakes your skin the fuck up.


5. lab series age rescue eye balm $40

I'm gonna drop a truth bomb on you right now. Your eyes are the first to go. I don't make the rules. If you've been partying, stressing, staying up all night, acting like a fool or what the hell else, your eyes are going to show it first. Dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles. All that. Dab a little of this balm on every day and you'll have a fighting chance, but the real T tho? Besides this balm, water and sleep are the absolute best thing for your eyes. And that shit's free. But who has time?


bonus: jack black power peel pads $38

I had to add this bonus pick in here cause this is seriously your secret weapon if you want to send your skin back five years to happier, brighter, less adult-y times. Like the glycolic face wash (with the look of middle school Stridex pads), this "power peel" uses multiple acids to essentially burn the old, sad skin away and produce new poppin' skin ready to take over. Does it hurt? No. Will you be red? A little. Do this at night and never right after shaving or before a day in the sun. Trust.