Five frames, five spots with Warby Parker.

I gotta be honest. I have put off buying new glasses for far too long. Yeah I've bought a few great pairs of shades from Warby Parker (lost one pair in the ocean in Costa Rica, still mad about it), but I've yet to embrace my inner nerdiness (being a self-proclaimed art and space nerd, I mean that in a good way) and grab a pair of new spectacles. The obvious solution was to do WP's Home-Try-On program and take these babies out for a spin. I think any accessory you add, especially when it's to your face, really creates a unique identity and vibe, so I took each frame to a unique part of New York. From the clean lines of the new Hudson Yards 7 station to the historic beauty of the New York Public Library, a great pair of frames can really set a mood for how you're playing off your surroundings and how people perceive how seriously you take yourself. Or whatever. They're just glasses, let's not get too deep here. I tend to like a round-ish frame, so I kept my picks in that category but also had some fun with it. The biggest surprise was how much I liked the thick, strong hued Fillmore frames, which I thought were my riskiest choice. Peep the links to each frame and do the Home-Try-On yourself with a nifty quiz.



1. Wall Street with Watts Deep Sea Blue Fade


2. Greenwich Village with DurandWhiskey Tortoise


3. The Whitney Museum with Baker Black Matte Eclipse


4. New York Public Library with Fillmore Redwood Ash


5. Hudson Yards with Percey Crystal