Diesel Black Gold's pre-fall 2016 is fire.

Images via WWD.

Honestly my first thought is like, wait, pre-fall 2016, like these guys are way ahead of the game here. I mean they are overachieving and setting the curve and completely flipping everything on me cause this is too soon. But then I saw the jackets and denim and was immediately thinking if this is the future then I gotta start taking better care of myself and stop drinking so much cause I need to live until at least fall 2016 so I can rock some of this shit. I want at least four of the jackets. And who knew if you can only find pants at the skinny and tall store, you could just ruche them up your legs like an accordion and call it a trend. But seriously, the layered coats, the long leather moto jacket, the moody black and blue color thing that is happening... I'm sold and plan on channeling this ASAP cause I was mostly kidding about not drinking so much. Peep the collection below.