This might be the first time you've heard of COOLER THAN CAKE. Or for some of you, the second time. But what's got me so amped about launching this company this time around is that I'm not holding back and I'm not backing down. I'm going to bring you everything. All the latest, greatest, and coolest. In real time. In my time. In New York's world. In my world. And it won't be just coming though blogging and social media. I'm pushing it further into a fashion brand, a lifestyle, a creative platform, and eventually an in-house team so cool that even I'm envious. This is the collective it factor that is COOLER THAN CAKE. Are you with me?

This is for the cool kids that inspire me and I try so hard to be.

What's next?


Fashion. Lifestyle. Trends. Bios. Music. Clothing. Inspiration. Life.

We'll be rolling out trend boards all month in October, launching an online store in November/December, and setting up our own exclusive photoshoots in early 2016. And in between all that, we'll be blogging, linking, inviting, interviewing (bring on killer style 'grammers!), and more more more. Trust me. Don't sleep on this. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, check the side bar and get fucking on it.

All the cake,

Todd A.

Street style photos found on Pinterest. - Disclosure available on this page and always in the navigation menu.