CTC gets more creative. What's next?

Just like our favorite trends, we evolve. I'm amped to say that as of tomorrow, CTC will be exactly six months old. That's pretty dope considering all the awesomeness we've been able to cover in what feels like such a short period of time. Working with over 30 incredible brands. Collaborating with talented models, photographers, designers, and other creatives. Going to New York Fashion Week: Men's and seeing the shows. Meeting other badass guys with style who get it like we do. And so much more.

That being said, we're still hungry. COOLER THAN CAKE was never meant to stay a menswear blog. I didn't really know when or how it would move on, but I knew it would eventually. Six months feels right, and I'm truly pumped to say that we're officially shifting into a branding and creative agency. What does that mean exactly? Well, just like before, it too will be an evolution, but what I can say at the moment is that the funnest and most rewarding part of my job is seeing how a slick, edgy, in-the-now aesthetic can really boost a brand from the very start (I had advertisers in the beginning shocked when I'd tell them I'd only launched three weeks prior). That cool factor and effortless vibe that has been at the heart of CTC is what I'm passionate about above all else (well, that and there may be a few pairs of sneakers that are a close second). And I want to help other bloggers, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, rebels, and cool kids find that branding edge their companies and passions need. I guess you could say, I want to pimp your brand.

As a branding and creative agency, I want to take what I've learned building this brand and others (more to come with those) and help to mentor/coach/school your ass on what it takes to have a brand that screams effortless cool before you've even had your first post to the 'gram (oh I'll be covering that too). In addition to helping brands bring it, we will be bringing A LOT MORE original content in the form of editorials, video shoots, press coverage, etc. The big picture behind CTC was always to be an in-house agency of cool kids who create, and in its current form, things seem too limited. But don't worry- the menswear blog will remain, albeit a bit different, and there will now be a separate branding blog that gives you all the ins and outs of running a successful kickass brand.

At six months in, I never really thought I'd already be at a point to start moving CTC into something much bigger, but I've worked my ass off bringing you a polished, original creative machine that verges on what's next without completely losing its audience. I can't stop. I won't stop. And this time, I want you to join me. Thanks for sticking around and here's to what's next.

The cake boy,

Todd A.