1. you sometimes make it rain for us.

Yes, we do work with brands and advertisers as affiliates on occasion. We'd be stupid not to. In order to keep bringing what's cool to the forefront, we have to find a way to get paid. That said, we will never endorse anything that isn't the illest at the moment or something we wouldn't be caught dead in. Feel free to call us out if we start going on and on about something that isn't remotely cool cause we've been drinking the K(C?)ool-Aid and need to get out more. Otherwise, click links, make it rain.

2. we drop the occasional f-bomb.

We're New Yorkers, and it is our right to say fuck at least 100 times a day. How else are we meant to express ourselves? We like to think that this site is beautifully candid and to the point and have no intentions of changing that. If this offends you, just scroll through the pictures and miss out on the content. But you're not getting any fucking cake that way, so suit yourself.

3. i can has photos?

While we're mostly throwing shade where shade is due, we also throw props as well. As much as we possibly can, we credit any photography or sources used on this site. Sometimes we're unable to find the original author or creator but find the material too dope to pass up. If you believe that any photo or other creative material on this site belongs to you and would like credit or removal, let us know and we'd be happy to do it. Or we might just hire you cause you're obviously doing something right.

All original creative/photography will be credited under COOLER THAN CAKE exclusive and is copyrighted by COOLER THAN CAKE LLC.